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STUPID MUSIC - who we are


Stupid Music is run by business partners, and fellow musicians, Bob Kidby and Tim Blanchard. 

What we offer:

- fantastic facilities (Neve Genesys desk plus all the outboard, plug-ins and instruments you would ever want)

- beautiful rural setting 

- very competitive rates


The idea behind Stupid Music is to provide a professional, artist friendly environment at great value to record quality music (with a residential option).



And our friends

these are the wonderful people who help us in and with the studio :

Richard Flack - producer

Niall Holden - Van Damme Cables

Adam Pierce and Les Mommsen - Karno Sound (Sony mics)

Pete and Matt Wandless - Sound Network (DPA mics)

Bill Puplett - luthier extraordinaire

Tony Oakes - caretaker

Colin Lodge - buildings

Colin Fulton - luthier extraordinaire

Jesse Quin - producer and bass player

Dave Jackson - drummer

Arthur Le Baleur - drummer

Dave Battiscombe - bass player

Greg Cook - piano/organ

Nigel Scott - ears

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