Snapshot - Bob Kidby


Bob's second cd, Snapshot recorded entirely in the Barn Studio. Available from Spotify, Amazon, iTunes etc and

Read the article on Bob's cd as featured in The East Anglian Daily Times on Saturday 16 February 2019

and here are some reactions to the cd:

From Steve Moore, CNN Crime Commentator, LA:
"I am an absolute MASTER of polite, smiling, nodding silence if I'm not particularly impressed with something. (Vichyssoise comes to mind). So if I don't like something I won't fake it.
But I REALLY like this entire album! Reminiscent of good jazz, combined with a little Grateful Dead! And country-western! Shucks, pardner!! (Now, I'm hearing something a little Beatle-esque.) Good, enjoyable listening! Good job!"

From Karen Pruett, Vashon Island, Washington State:

"He's good. I love it, listened three times now. I was trying to be a super serious critic, but I REALLY like this guy first time through. I'm listening for the fourth time right now." 

From Joan James of Lincoln City, Oregon:

"We really like his music! He has a blues/rock vibe and also bit country (as in Willie Nelson type country). We like the raspiness of his voice and the great song lyrics. The tracks we liked least are those he did with others which is interesting. We absolutely loved Track 1, 3, 6, 7 & 12 (Beatle-ish sound on 12). Liked all the others in varying degrees. We've never heard of him which doesn't mean he isn't played here, but think he should be more widely distributed here. The Pacific NW is big on blues and singer-songwriters so he should get coverage here. I think Nashville would like him too as there's a country rock slant to a couple of the tracks.  

Thanks so much for the CD...We're going to play it for my son, Ron, and his wife when they come next month. They are HUGE rock and blues fans." 

Clare Free

Where Are You Now - CD - 1000px-15762500

Clare's 3rd album, Where Are You Now? released in March 2020. Recorded entirely in the Barn and included working with producer Richard Flack (Robbie Williams), this is what she said about recording in the Barn:

"Thank you for all your work, it has been an absolute pleasure. I’m sure I’ll be back to record there again sometime, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else now."

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