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Current projects

Younger Than Yesterday - The 1960s Project

With over 30 songs in the final stages of production, this has been a massive joint project by Neil Murray and Stupid Music's Bob Kidby. These are all original songs recorded on the best analogue equipment in homage to the greatest sounds from the 1960s.  What could be better! A 4-track EP is being planned for  release soon. The world premiere gig launching the project took place on Thursday 16 February at the famous Water Rats music venue, near Kings Cross in London. 


YouTube, Instagram: @youngerthanyesterdayband

Facebook: youngerthanyesterdayband

Twitter: @youngerthanyesterdayband

Instagram@ neilmurray7songs

Max Middleton

Celebrated keyboard player, Max Middleton is working with our own Bob Kidby on a regular series of writing and recording sessions - watch this space

Glove Compartment

We are  working with Anthony Shiels aka Glove Compartment from Cambridgeshire on his next album - over half the album is now done - the rest to be completed in the next few months

Ramon Goose

Ramon is recording his next music project with us. He is a guitarist, singer and producer, known for: his work with the West African Blues Project and the hip hop blues band NuBlues; his mastery of the slide guitar; and producing albums for American blues artists. Watch this space

Future projects

David Booth and Kelly Bayfield

David (from the Recording Booth studio in Suffolk) and Kelly ( folk and Americana singer/songwriter) are scheduled to undertake a number of recording projects with us in the next few months


Laxfield's finest - this local country band is to scheduled to record a few classic songs with us  shortly

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