Bob Kidby

Breaking news - Bob Kidby is returning to the studio to record his next album! No provisional title as yet but it will be a combination of new material and a selection from his extensive back-catalogue  of songs either not recorded at the time, reworked or not finished. 

Ramon Goose

More breaking news - Ramon Goose is to be recording his next music project with us. Ramon is a guitarist, singer and producer, known for his work with the West African Blues Project and the hip hop blues band NuBlues, for his mastery of the slide guitar, and for producing albums for American blues artists. Watch this space

Clare Free

Yes, Clare is returning to the studio to record more of her distinctive blues music. You heard it here first!  First 2 songs now recorded

Rhumba Club

Rhumba Club, aka Tom Falle has been working with us recently and is releasing his new record at the beginning of November - a number of the tracks co-produced and co-written with Bob Kidby!  Big gig was at Oslo club in Hackney on 30 September