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Stupid Music provides a professional recording and mixing facility at the Barn Studio, located in an idyllic part of East Anglia with a residential option in an Elizabethan farmhouse. We have the very best of both vintage analogue and modern digital tools.
Music is our passion, and we focus on capturing fantastic sounds in an intimate and  relaxed country setting.



We use Pro Tools Ultimate with all the latest upgrades and software releases and an incredibly extensive range of plug-ins including UA, Waves, Soundtoys, Celemony etc; we use a Mac as our platform hosting Pro Tools


Mix down is onto Tascam DA-3000 High Definition Master   Recorder




We use a Neve Genesys 32 desk with 1073 pre-amps and full 4 band Neve EQ on each channel - what more can we say!

  • There is a hugely impressive range of modern and vintage microphones including Sony, DPA, Neumann, AKG, Beyer, Shure, Royer, Earthworks, Sennheiser, Audix, Wasaphone, Oktava, Sontronics and Yamaha Sub-Kick etc.


  • This is a stand-out mic collection which caters for all recording situations. 

  • A great range of outboard including compressors (UA 1176, DBX160,  Avalon 737 etc.), Thermionic Culture (Culture Vulture),  Aphex Aural Exciter, SPL Vitalizer and Transient Designers and KUSH Clariphonic etc

  • Across the mix buss - SSL fusion, G-master buss compressor, Pendulum PL2 Analogue Limiter etc

  • Effects units: Eventide, TC, Lexicon

  • Equalisers: Retro  Pultec and Neve 8803

  • Ferrograph 4A Reel to Reel


There is a range of monitoring systems at work including PCM TwoTwo Six powered monitors, Yamaha NS10s, Avantone mini speakers and d&b audiotechnik powered PA system; plus individual 16 channel personal headphone mixers for performers.

There is an extensive range of instruments available including vintage electric and acoustic guitars, electric and stand-up bass, an impressive "keyboard korner" (Rhodes, Kawai Grand, Mellotron, Hammond.Leslie, Hohner Pianet, Selmer Clavioline, Roland 2H101, W30 etc.), a Rogers vintage drum kit and all the analogue or electronic percussion you could possibly think of. Vintage and modern amplifiers include Fenders, Doctor Z, Boogie, Selmer, Cornell, MarkBass, Peavey, Bird and WEM plus a host of effects racks and pedals

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